Stuff not in my bio

I’m a Woman of Wonder, though I wasn’t always.

You see, I was lost in a miry bog of shame, woundedness, vulnerabilities, perfectionism, in-authentic-ness, and immobilizing silence.  It was a land of anti-wonder.

It took me years to rediscover my childlike sense of wonder and awe. It took years of therapy for me to tune into and listen to my feelings and emotions. It took years for me to trust my own intuition, that gut feeling I experienced deep in the pit of my stomach but ignored because it came from a place other than my head. It took years of yoga for me to realize that my body has its own virtues, beauty, and gifts.   And it took me years of writing to discover I had a voice that could write about my past wounds, my present experiences, and my future hopes with honesty.

It’s taken the last decade for me to figure out how to navigate my miry bog, and the journey, for me, is an ongoing one. Because it’s an ongoing Life Transition. I still have days, even months, when the earth suddenly softens, collapses, and my feet sink. Moments when I find myself back in the thick muck again. I have endings but I have more new beginnings these days.

And that’s what I want to help women stuck in a transition discover for themselves.

That’s why I’ve started Women of Wonder. To remind all of us beautiful, wounded, scarred, scared, sinking and soaring women that when we falter with a life change(and we will), we don’t need to call a superhero to rescue us. We are our own Woman of Wonder (or a WoW!) when we take a breath, listen to our bodies, trust our intuition, write the truth, and speak it with compassion and love. Our vulnerabilities, unlike those of superheros, are not a liability. They are, perhaps, our greatest source of strength for moving inward and then forward one day, one word, one breath at a time.

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