Bio and Book in Progress

I’ve been teaching writing for several years at Hiram College. In previous lives, I’ve been a college registrar, admission counselor, dental office receptionist, medical transcriptionist, pharmaceutical sales rep, physician assistant, and the Dairy Queen girl who put the curl on the top of your ice cream cone.

My education has included too many life lessons to count mixed in with an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Hiram College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University. I’m also a Certified Journal to the Self instructor, enrolled in the Certified Journaling Facilitator program at The Center for Therapeutic Writing, a 200-level registered yoga teacher. And I’m still learning!

Currently I’m working on my first memoir, tentatively called The Castrato and Me: A Spiritual Journey. It’s about a woman feeling empty with her middle-aged life who sets off on an intellectual obsession with a 16th-century Caravaggio painting of a castrato, an obsession that ultimately leads her to confront her darkest secret and discover her own true voice.

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